DIY String Wreath for Fall

DIY Fall String Wreath




This wreath is very easy to make, and you can make one for very little money (this is hugely important to most!).

If you’re like me, the weeks from Halloween all the way through Christmas are jammed packed with things to do.  This wreath is extremely easy to put together, and you can put it up in September and leave it up until Thanksgiving.  You could even swap out your embellishments and keep it up with your Christmas display.  It’s so easy to do.  If you can work a hot glue gun, you can pull this off!  It takes about 45 minutes to complete (depending on your wreath size), and only costs about $7-$8.  You will need:fall-string-wreath-supplies

  • Yarn in your choice of color
  • a styrofoam wreath form (mine is 9 in. from the Dollar Tree)
  • felt in your colors
  • faux leaves or other embellishments
  • wire edged ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & sticks


Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you can get down to business!  Place the end of the yarn on the back of your wreath form and hot glue into place.  Like this:20161117_150639Now wrap the yarn around the form.  I usually just unroll a lot (yes that’s my technical term, ha) and wind it loosely around my hand to create a small loop.  It’s easier to pass the loop through the middle of the form, than trying to push the entire package of yarn through.  If you have a larger wreath, you may be able to pass it through with no problem.  Just use your judgement here.  Ok, so, keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  When you think your almost back to the top, you’ll look back to realize you’re only halfway there.  Just kidding, but it does take a while to wrap the entire wreath.  This would be a good time to climb into a show hole! When you finally finish wrapping, cut your yarn and hot glue the end on the back of the form.  Next, place your artificial leaves (or whatever embellishments you choose to use) on the front of the form.  Play around with the placement until you have them where you like.  Place a dot of hot glue on your items and press them down (if you want to be able to change them, use straight pins instead).  You may want to use something besides your finger to press down because if you push right on the glue it’ll burn the mess out of your finger!  Trust me here!  Now, you can use your felt to  make your rosettes.  The size that you want them to be will determine how big you cut your square of felt.  Mine are about a half-inch to an inch wide, and I cut my squares 1.5in. x 2 in. or so.  They’ll look like this at first:

felt square for rosetteYou don’t have to make them perfect.  In fact, the imperfections will make each rosette unique; just like real roses.  Next, round off each corner, kind of making a “squoval” (at least that’s what I call it).Squoval for rosetteMake a cut on one of the sides, beginning about half a finger length from a rounded edge.20161117_153009Continue cutting in a spiral pattern toward the center of the piece of felt.  Don’t worry about making each round of the spiral even.  It will lend to making each “petal” a different size.  Once you’re finished, it should look something like this:20161117_153045

Place a dot of glue on the outside edge of the cut,


and begin rolling to the center.


Finish your rosette by gluing the end of the felt (the piece that was in the center to begin) to the bottom.  This is the view from the bottom of the finished rosette.bottom of finished rosetteNow you can glue your rosette to your foam wreath.  I placed mine below the collection of leaves.  I used 6 total.  I made 3 at first, then continued making and gluing them until I liked the final look.  You can make any colors to compliment your yarn and ribbon colors.  I used navy, burgundy, yellow, and cream to match the colors I liked using this fall, starting with this super cute mantel decoration.  Next I made a bow using a wire edged ribbon I found at the Dollar Tree.  It had the perfect colors in it with words describing fall and all that goes with it.  I snatched it up at the beginning of the season, and I only bought one so I ran out of the ribbon before I realized I hadn’t taken pics along the way to include in the tutorial.  I am working on another post to how I made this bow, and I will add it soon so check back for updates!  Place your bow on the top of the wreath.  The top can be anywhere you want.  I played around with positions and settled on having my rosettes and leaves from the bottom rounding up the right side.  To hang, make a loop of ribbon, twine, string, or yarn (it doesn’t have to match) and hot glue it to the back of your wreath.ribbon loop for hanging

Hang your work of art in the location of your choosing and sit back and admire your hard work!  I placed mine on our interior door leading to our garage.  I really like the way it turned out and that I can leave it up from September until Thanksgiving.  20161117_1526041This wreath is super simple and makes a great addition to your fall decor.  Be sure to share your finished wreath with me!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Stay tuned for more diy’s and tips!  Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!



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