New Year Home Organization

New Year Home Organization

We all have those resolutions that we make with each coming new year; sometimes we keep them, sometimes we don’t.  On many peoples’ lists is better home organization! I know our family can benefit from a little organizing; & we are beginning by keeping a list of valuables in our home! 

I can’t take full credit for this home organizing idea. My husband was going around the house checking out the backs of devices, I thought maybe he lost his mind, but nope. He had an amazing idea. He (as most of you know) is an Investigator, and he said that 99.9% of his burglary victims have no proof that a particular piece of property is theirs. (Horrifying to think of the seedy side of the world, but it’s out there. Thank God my honey shields us from that!) He asks the victims if they have serial numbers for their appliances or electronics. They never have a list. That would help return stolen property to the rightful owners & help put away the bad guys! His tour through our home gave me the fantastic idea for this post. I knew I married that man for a million reasons, & this is one!

Just after Christmas is a great time to make a list of all of your appliances, electronics, devices, or anything else that can be stolen & their serial numbers. None of us want to think of the worst happening, but being prepared would make a scary time a little easier. Go through your home, room by room, writing down your items including brand, model, & serial number. For example in your living room you have your TV, you would write Samsung, Model blah blah, serial number AZ000000. Taking a picture of all sides including a close up of the serial number, is a great idea to show your insurance company what you have in case of burglary or a natural disaster (especially where we live, in hurricane alley haha). Continue in this manner throughout your entire house.

Just because I love you all so much, I have made a FREE printable to get you started! I have broken it down into rooms & created a table for you to fill in your brand, model, & serial numbers. I have added extra space for “other” in each room in case you have things I haven’t thought of or if you have extra items. Click here to download your Home Electronics free printable!

Now go ahead & get started! Please share with everyone that you feel could benefit from this idea & free printable. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter! Let me know if you liked this post & any ideas you have as well! Thank you for stopping by & check back often for new ideas & posts!