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Being a wife, mother, and blending a family is hard stuff!  It’s even more difficult when you are married to someone in an extremely dangerous, unpredictable job like law enforcement.  I get it.  I’m with you all the way.  The stress can sometimes feel overwhelming.  You have to worry about the safety of your spouse, make sure your marriage stays together, though you may rarely see your spouse, wonder if you’re raising your children the way God wants, not to mention that cops make almost no money!  Their lives are on the line day and night (even when they’re off-duty!), yet they are some of the lowest paid people in the country.  Crazy!  Believe me, I feel ya!  Keep coming by to see how we (attempt) to save as much money as we can, get marriage and love advice, ways to deal with the stress of life behind the badge, crafts (with and without the kids!), and info on keeping a clean and organized home and family (I’m sure you keep your family clean, so I’ll just give some advice on keeping up with the day to day comings and goings, hehe)!

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